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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vampire Vows

When the sun goes down
And moon starts to shine
I'm telling you
This night is mine

From my human teeth
Fangs will sprout
Night is when
We come out

A cape is part
Of my normal attire
That is what you wear
If you're a vampire

My skin is pale
a plaster-white
It stands out
In the darkness of the night

Midnight of
October 31st
Is when I'll come
To quench my thirst...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Novel in Progress

House of the Undead

"I talk in my sleep?" thought Juliet. "What other bizarre secrets am I going to give away?!"
Juliet was in her room, thinking about what had happened that morning. Was she hallucinating? Or had she truly been visited by a spirit? Juliet didn't know what to believe. Surely ghosts were simply figments of people's imagination, right?
But what had she seen in the mirror last night? Her own nightmarish face?
Juliet refused to believe that that spooky skeletal face was her own. She was skinny, but she wasn't that skinny, that you could see every bone in her body. Yet, her hair was the exact same almost-white blond color that the ghost's was. The expression on the face was wistful, and it had big brown eyes that were teary and full of despair. Almost as if they were calling for help.
"My eyes are hazel," Juliet muttered under her breath. Yet she couldn't help but wonder if the mysterious face belonged to her.

. . .