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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vampire Vows

When the sun goes down
And moon starts to shine
I'm telling you
This night is mine

From my human teeth
Fangs will sprout
Night is when
We come out

A cape is part
Of my normal attire
That is what you wear
If you're a vampire

My skin is pale
a plaster-white
It stands out
In the darkness of the night

Midnight of
October 31st
Is when I'll come
To quench my thirst...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Novel in Progress

House of the Undead

"I talk in my sleep?" thought Juliet. "What other bizarre secrets am I going to give away?!"
Juliet was in her room, thinking about what had happened that morning. Was she hallucinating? Or had she truly been visited by a spirit? Juliet didn't know what to believe. Surely ghosts were simply figments of people's imagination, right?
But what had she seen in the mirror last night? Her own nightmarish face?
Juliet refused to believe that that spooky skeletal face was her own. She was skinny, but she wasn't that skinny, that you could see every bone in her body. Yet, her hair was the exact same almost-white blond color that the ghost's was. The expression on the face was wistful, and it had big brown eyes that were teary and full of despair. Almost as if they were calling for help.
"My eyes are hazel," Juliet muttered under her breath. Yet she couldn't help but wonder if the mysterious face belonged to her.

. . .

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Novel in Progress

House of the Undead

Juliet opened her eyes. It was 11 o’clock and she was very tired, but for some reason she had a strange and involuntary urge to go look in the mirror. As she approached it, she saw a sight that almost made her heart stop…


“Juliet!” her mother called. “What on EARTH happened?”

“Uhhh…” groaned Juliet. It was then she realized she was lying down on the floor next to the mirror.

Suddenly, she remembered. The pale, translucent face she had seen the night before, the mirror, it all came back to her. How terrified she had been…

Her mother interrupted her reverie. “Oh, goodness, Juliet! Are you alright? Maybe we should go see a doctor about this…”

“I’m fine, Mother!” Juliet persisted. The last thing she wanted was for her mother to know what had happened. Juliet knew that if her mother found out, she would call about 50 doctors, and would scoop out her room every day. She had to stop her from worrying.

“Mother, I was just wondering, you know how homeless people sleep on the floor, right, well I was just wondering what it would be like if I slept on the floor, so this was all just an experiment!” Juliet realized that this was the worst possible excuse for sleeping on the floor, but she tried to look as if she was pleased with the outcome of her “experiment”, praying it would work.

“Honey, are you sure?” Juliet’s mother looked at her as if she was crazy. “Alright, then. But do you know what ‘her eyes are in the mirror’ means?”

“What?” Juliet almost gasped and gave herself away. “I d-don’t know what you’re talking about,” she stuttered. Juliet realized her game was up. She was about to confess, when-

“‘Her eyes are in the mirror’. That’s what I heard you mumbling in your sleep. In-ter-est-ing.” Her mother said before she left.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Journal

My journal is an invaluable friend,

It is more than just the end

of keeping my thoughts inside my head

and so, on these pages I let them spread.

And in the pages of this book,

My ideas are there if you dare to look.

So look and see, if you care

but beware...

A Thought To Ponder

The most random thought of all thoughts came into my head as I was watching American Idol the other day. As I saw the judges praise Lee’s song choice, I was thinking, "Wow! Because of a miraculous tilt of the earth on its axis, its perfectly- spaced distance from the sun and mild just-right temperatures, life can exist!"

Our main concern should be surviving! And look at us now! We’ve got all of this modern technology, and surviving is no longer a challenge but merely a take-for-granted way of life. Or rather not surviving is a thought only pondered in stories. On the TV, in that false-reality world, all that those people care about is becoming the next American Idol. Simon even ventured to say, “This is the most important day of your life, Casey!”

Really?, I thought. To become famous, to live in a world of paparazzi and insecurity, to give concerts at the crack of dawn, to spend nights getting drunk at the bars, is that what these people are fighting so hard to get? Do they realize it? Have they once thought about the miracle of their own existence? And, isn’t it amazing that, when on tour, these people never seem to miss out on a single detail of their designer clothing, yet they don’t even have time to eat breakfast! They have more time for clothing and small things like that, which don’t matter a bit but can’t find time to do the essential, important things that keep them alive? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Life on earth is a miracle! We know of no other planet, even with our advanced space technology, that has life. (Of course, some distant planet that does have life must be thinking the same about us!). All of us should be trying to live. None of our worldly activities should interfere with what is necessary to survive. And, of course, we shouldn't be so much attached to any mortal goal that we our duty as a human being: to take care or ourselves and others.. Let it be our challenge to live life to its fullest!

Spring Song

The windows aren’t gloomy,

not anymore.

The flowers are blooming,

just outside the door.

Everyone is outside

laughing with glee,

all children on the playground,

including me!

I hope this lovely weather

will come and stay!

oh winter, please, winter,

just go away!

We need a little happiness

to cover up this mess,

because the rough storms of winter

have caused much distress

When we see the flowers

where the bees thrive

we are all so happy

That spring has arrived!

Gloomia! A Tale Of Happiness

In a land called Gloomia there was plenty of sun
But still the people were very glum
For there were never any rainy days, not even one
Oh, how they wished the rain would come!

If they saw but one rain,
They would have been contented.
If they could have grown corn, or grain
Or flowers that were scented

One by one, they all moved away
So all of their crops had dried
Since it is hard for people to stay
When all the spirit had died

But then, one child made a plan
(which wasn't exactly a piece of cake
Yet they tried; every woman and man
Split up to look for a lake

But though they searched hard and long
There wasn't a lake to be found
They didn't know what went wrong
Until they dug under the ground

Torrents of water gushed out
And flooded the dry, parched land!
They couldn't have done it without
Each and every helping hand

Gloomia was gloomy no more
And so the mayor proclaimed
That it was finally time for
The town to be renamed!

The new name they decided upon
Was chosen by them all
Since the gloomy atmosphere was gone
They named it Cheer Falls!

So if you're moaning, grieving, or feeling blue
Just drive past this place
When you see them doing what they do
It will put a smile on your face!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hard Hard Work

The sun must have a pretty tough job,

The sky and clouds must, too.

If, in one month, they have to melt away snow,

And get the flowers to bloom,

The sun, the sky, and the clouds,

Have to make the big change,

From winter to spring (they change everything),

And turn cold wind into rain.

Its quite some work for the sun, sky, and clouds,

But it has to happen soon,

Or else we might not see spring

Until April, May, or June!