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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Justice: What Is It Really?

Justice is a right. It should not have to be won.

Unfairness cannot exist if both truth and justice

are considered one.

Justice is giving the benefit of doubt

To the accused, whose trouble we could do without

Justice holds true for every being

It stands victorious, in spite of all disagreeing

Fair and forgiving, yet impartial and precise

A small amount of mercy would also suffice

When crime and inequality befall

Justice will always come to the call

It is not who you are,

But what you did that takes you this far

With justice, honesty will prevail

With the law on its side, it can never fail

We all know what is right in our hearts

Justice. It is where the law starts.

A Journey To The Center of the Earth



“Tick, tock, BOOM!”

Good day. I am Viola Fangue, and you are in the Top-Secret Laboratory of Dr. Klepto and the Fangue sisters.

It all started when my sister Jade and I got an amazing idea for an invention. It was crazy, but it could work if we had the right tools to develop it. We went to our eccentric friend, Dr. Klepto, to see if he could help us, and thus the Top-Secret Laboratory was formed.

Our idea was simple. We wanted to create a suit that would enable us to “swim” through the layers of Earth. Finally, after many years, we successfully manufactured three Heat-Resistant, Liquid Lava Protector Suits! Next month, we go on the big test drive, into the layers of Earth.


Today is the big test drive! I am shaking with excitement as we speak. Right now, we are in the TauTona mine in South Africa, where our journey starts.

I took a deep breath, gripped Jade and Dr.Klepto’s hands, and plunged into the ground.

At first, I saw nothing but rocks and dirt. However, I was slipping down faster than a penguin on its belly, and soon started to feel very warm. Jade’s muffled voice rang out, and though I couldn’t see her, I heard her wail. “Viola, what if this doesn’t work? We’ll be vanquished by the heat!”

“Jade, nothing will happen. We spent many years making sure this would work,” I replied.

Suddenly, I wasn’t slipping down anymore. With much struggle, I swam out. Klepto swam in front of me, and I could see a blurry image of him. It felt like I was sitting in very warm pot of thick pudding. This, I realized, was the mantle, made of solid rock. Klepto, Jade, and I swam for hours, puffing and panting into our oxygen tubes. We were about to just give up when Klepto made a discovery. “If we swim directly downward, we will reach the core in no time. The convection currents will carry us along!” He was right. An invisible force was pushing us downward, and the temperature was ever warmer.

When we reached the outer core, I suddenly felt very light. “Wow!” Jade exclaimed. “This is liquid lava!”

“That’s right,” Dr. Klepto said. “This is a liquid molten core of iron and-“

We hit the inner core before Klepto finished his sentence. I pushed and pushed, but couldn’t get through the inner core. “That’s because this core is solid metal,” he said after watching my struggle.

“WE DID IT!” Jade squealed.

That was when it dawned on me: we were at the center of Earth! I sat on the inner core, exhausted yet ecstatic. We had really traveled to the center of the earth. It repeated in my mind over and over.

Though, after this experience, I must say that I prefer the crust to the core any day!

A Different Kind of Happily Ever After

Have you ever lived in a household where only one person is the star? Has your own mother ever shown more affection for another child simply because of her perfect teeth and flawless skin? Probably not.

You see, thirteen years ago, a pampered little princess, Ella, became a part of our family when Mother got married. As if it wasn’t strange enough to start calling this new man Papa, his “Little Princess” was now my sister. Mother was very taken with her. Three years later, Papa passed away. It was a very tragic thing too, as my real sister Clarissa and I had grown to love the man. Before he died, he told me, “Adelaide, be kind to Ella. I’m sure she will miss me.” I had locked myself up in my room and wept.

Or course, Ella wasn’t mean. She had just grown up expecting certain things to be done for her, things that Clarissa and I had always done for ourselves. For the first month, in an effort to make Ella feel welcome, Mother had made it her own responsibility to clean Ella’s room, make Ella’s bed, and the like. However, if there’s one thing I know about Mother, it’s that her chores become my chores over time. I wash dishes, Clarissa cooks, and Mother goes on shopping tours for Ella. Thus, Ella became the “princess” of our household, and Mother gave her share of the work to us.

This particular morning, the town crier came to our noble village and cried, “His Royal Highness, Frederick II is giving a ball. All young ladies of the village are invited.” I was almost shaking with excitement. It was common knowledge that Prince Frederick was growing older, and would soon be too old to marry. Our village was full of ideal choices for future princess (I include myself in this category)! Besides, who didn’t want to marry the Prince?

Then, I remembered Ella…

At that moment, our relationship turned from sibling rivalry to competition for the man of our dreams.

I won’t bother you with details of preparation for the ball, the excitement Clarissa and I shared (that Ella crushed), or any of it. I will, however, tell you what Mother said:

“Girls, Ella, you must be back be midnight, or there will be consequences. Yes, even you, my dear.” Ella looked shocked. “Her Majesty’s first taste of punishment,” I chuckled to myself.

When we arrived, Prince Frederick looked bored. I could see that all of the girls were beautiful, but not one looked especially beautiful or kind. In about two seconds, he made his way over to Ella.

As they slow-danced, he asked her what she thought of his castle. Ella’s idiotic reply was, “Why, there are so many servants to cater to my every need!” He abruptly ended the dance. “Next!” I thought.

What happened next seems like a dream. He walked over to me and asked, “May I have this dance?” I followed him out onto the floor. His twinkling eyes and confident smile made me slightly forget to breathe. I tried my best not to tread on His Majesty’s toes, but he didn’t seem to mind if I did. I eventually started talking to him, and to tell you the truth, it was quite easy. I immediately knew there was something between us that no other girl had.

Three days later, there was a knock at the door. It the Prince himself! He knelt down and asked, “Adelaide, will you marry me?”

It was happily ever after after all.

Beneath The Blue

The aquarium is filled

With interesting creatures

With speckles and fins

And all sorts of features

Their Underwater Realm

Reminds me of a house

Some are still and silent

Some jittery as a mouse

Some rush to the top

When the light turns on

Some stay near the gravel

From dusk to dawn

Some compete for the food

Always wanting more

Some only eat

What has fallen to the floor

Some chase and play

Some run and hide

Some are never visible

Unless you look inside

They are like a family

Coexisting, having fun

When they are all together

In the tank, they are one.