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Monday, February 20, 2012

The Listener's Lament

I get it already! Must you gush?
Ranting and raving, til your face is flushed!
Restating your point again and again
Delivering speeches that never will end!
Your mouth is open, your eyes are wide,
You're pouring out everything you held inside
And with it, you're a getting a bit carried away
For you never run out of things to say!
I don't think I have ever seen you be quiet,
And I think it would do you good to try it!
Tears of boredom have formed in my eyes,
If you say one more word, I think I might cry!
Although, however, there's something I must tell:
Despite all of it, you speak very well!

A Heated Argument

Is it wrong
To fight
When you know
You're right?
The victim refuses to
But just minutes ago
You saw it with your own eyes.
It's your word against theirs
And they'll deny
Maybe even lie
Until you
Want to
It's injustice in
It's most blatant form.
You want to
Fix things.
Is it wrong to
And yet...
This isn't
Your fight.
Why should you
Because you do.
Because you're right.
The opposition would like nothing more
Than for you to
So they can win
But you can't just watch this go by!
You don't care
if they feel threatened,
or scared.
Because you're there
To see justice through
But why is it
So hard to do?

Pictures of Then

My past isn't just
A collection of memories,
A black-and-white photo album of
Things I've seen.
It's a place.
A place for me
For me to visit in my dreams
Because you know how
They say
You can never, ever bring back
What has gone by
What has passed
What's already happened
And gone?
They're wrong.
You can go back
To those times you don't
Want to forget,
Or the way things were
And aren't, anymore.
In your dreams
And daydreams
And subconscious little games of pretend
Because everything today will be history, anyway
So why not live it like it was?
Go back to that place you

Your paradise
Your dream world
Because mine is simply
The way things used to be.

Waiting in the Wings

Do you feel like
You've spent your life
Just waiting?
Waiting to start,
Waiting to stop,
Waiting for the train to leave.
Waiting for the ball to drop.
Waiting to leave, to run away
To a place far away, you might say.
But not me.
Yes, it's true,
I'm waiting too.
But no, I'm not just
Waiting for time to pass
I am waiting in the wings
For my chance, at last
I'm waiting for my chance to do
What has never been done before
I am waiting for opportunity
To open its doors
The precious moments
Before the curtain parts
And I'm standing on stage, shining
Glowing in my spotlight
Is it all just a deluded daydream?
No, because I'm waiting in the wings
Ready, just waiting for my time to come.
Yes, it's true
You're waiting, too.
But I'm waiting in the wings.
Are you?


A Place Where More is Less

(note: The inspiration for this work was the French Revolution.)

Follow me, my children
Come out of your distress
I will take you to a paradise
A place where more is less.
We street children will dance
With the wealthy and well-dressed
And food will always be plentiful
In this world, where more is less.
No longer will we get dirty looks
Thrown upon us by the rest.
Because appearance matters not
In a place where more is less.
Our tattered clothes and belongings few
Are far from being the best
But our money will not say much of us
In this world where more is less
For unlike in the aristo's world
Where they need wealth for happiness
We realize we can rejoice
Even in our land
where more
is less.

The Blame Game

There's nothing worse
Than the feeling of knowing
That everything is all
Your fault.
There are no fingers to point
No other names to blame
Because everyone's playing the blame game
And you're losing.
No one else understands
That you didn't mean to
That you messed up and you
Know it.
Because no matter what
It's still all
Your fault.
All those fingers
Pointing straight at
You, alone.
The sea of complaints and criticism
Comes flowing in
Flooding you
In the ocean of your own guilt.
You're fighting a losing battle, here.
With your pleas and apologies,
Because no matter what
It's still all
Your fault.
No one trusts you
When you say you'll
Try to make it better, and that you'll
Fix the problem that
You've created.
Because no matter what
It's still all
Your fault.
And you know in your heart
You'll never repeat it
Just to avoid feeling like this
But no matter what
It's still all
Your fault.