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Monday, February 20, 2012

Waiting in the Wings

Do you feel like
You've spent your life
Just waiting?
Waiting to start,
Waiting to stop,
Waiting for the train to leave.
Waiting for the ball to drop.
Waiting to leave, to run away
To a place far away, you might say.
But not me.
Yes, it's true,
I'm waiting too.
But no, I'm not just
Waiting for time to pass
I am waiting in the wings
For my chance, at last
I'm waiting for my chance to do
What has never been done before
I am waiting for opportunity
To open its doors
The precious moments
Before the curtain parts
And I'm standing on stage, shining
Glowing in my spotlight
Is it all just a deluded daydream?
No, because I'm waiting in the wings
Ready, just waiting for my time to come.
Yes, it's true
You're waiting, too.
But I'm waiting in the wings.
Are you?


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